About Us

Why Magnus is hooked on a fishy mission

Coast & Glen was started by accident, a motorcycle accident! Magnus Houston swapped his leathers for oilskins and started his mission to get Scotland’s top quality fish to the nation in under 48 hours of being landed.

The former motorbike racer had to end his professional career with Suzuki due to a crash. After a trip in a friend’s creel boat, he decided to buy his own, catching lobster and crab off the Easter Ross coast.

However, Magnus was frustrated that much of the produce was bought up and sent to European markets.

So in 2011, backed by the Prince’s Trust, he set up Coast & Glen in Inverness, a wholesale business that supplied local restaurants and hotels with fresh fish and seafood landed by local fishermen.

While that was successful, it soon became apparent that there was also demand from individual consumers for high-quality produce. Attracted to the locally and sustainably caught fish governed by the season, rather than the fish which is sold through the supertrawler-supermarket route, which may be cheaper…but tastes cheaper.

And so Coast & Glen’s sister company Fishbox was born; offering a convenient, nutritious and fun way to eat more fish and seafood.

Coast & Glen now supply over 300 hotels and restaurants in the Highlands and Islands and have a growing number of clients UK wide, including London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Expansion into the European and world markets means Coast & Glen now supply clients in New York and Paris.

Due to the growing business and client base Coast & Glen have moved to bigger premises in Alness so they can meet the demand of the growing market. The purchase of a bigger production facility and office space is a fantastic opportunity for the future growth of the business.

Fave Fish: Smoked haddock
Magnus is a former fisherman and professional motorcycle racer. He is a big fan of all things outdoors and can often be spotted out cycling or walking his Newfoundland dog, George.

Fave Fish: Mussels
Mussels and muscles…Fiona is also a physiotherapist but spends most of her time at Fishbox HQ. She can be bribed with food and is a big fan of any type of cake, particularly of the chocolate variety.

Fave Fish: Scallops
Jamie is a former head chef and writes lots of recipes to inspire you! He is also a keen DJ and is partial to any American sweets.

Fave Fish: Halibut
When Stephen is not counting the pennies he is training on the track as an 800m and 1500m runner. He is also a Silver and Bronze National medalist.

Fave Fish: Haddock (“Apart from prawn cocktail crisps, that is!”)
Matt is also a qualified butcher – but has turned his hand to fishmongery. He has a young family and has mastered homemade fish’n’chips for his girls!

Fave Fish: Turbot
When Susan isn’t looking after us here you can find her outdoors, spending time with her husband and two young children. She loves good music, fashion and a good cup of tea!

Fave Fish: Lobster

Fave Fish: Salmon

Fave Fish: Salmon
Our newest factory team member, Davie is from Ayrshire and after being a chef down south he is working hard in our factory. He also loves to go fishing in his spare time!