Attilus Caviar

Here at Coast & Glen we love caviar! It is a delicacy that can be used as a garnish or a delicious spread. It contains fish roe which are commonly Malossol (slightly salted). The sturgeon is a popular fish used for caviar and companies, like Attilus, dedicate themselves to rearing this fish from birth to create the best tasting caviar.

At Attilus, they follow a pristine feeding program which is tailored to each stage of their development to rear sturgeon from the early stages of their life for at least 6 years until they reach their peak breeding point. They have the latest technology designed to ensure the breeding process is running smoothly and precisely at all times. The Attilus caviar is also completely traceable and sustainable. They take pride in creating luxury products which are of extremely high quality across the board from rearing the Sturgeons to their brand image and packaging.

There is a broad selection of different types of caviar which Attilus supply, for example; Royal Oscietra Caviar and Royal Siberian Caviar. Both of these products are Malossol, containing less than 4% salt and come from Sturgeon. The Royal Siberian Caviar is fine-grain which is unlike the Royal Oscietra Caviar which is a medium-grain.

Attilus approached us and asked if we would be interested in selling their deluxe caviar to our customers. After some discussion we have agreed on a system where you can order their caviar through our company. They will deliver straight to your door themselves, which means this will not be sent with your Williamsons delivery but through them directly.

If you want to order some of their amazing products, we would be more than happy to help you along the way. To make an order, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you with more product information and availability.

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*Delivery charges apply if orders are less than £200*