Seasonality Blog: Holy Mackerel!

What species of fish are in this season? This is a question you may be asking yourself whilst contemplating preparing a new dish for all the family or holiday guests to enjoy this summer. During this time of year there is a vast range of different species of fish in our home shores. One which is particularly popular, is mackerel!

Mackerel is a mesmerising fish, as it scales sparkle a beautiful mix of silver and blue in the sunlight, it’s very attractive to look at! It has been a popular fish for hundreds of years here in the UK. This species of fish has a firmly fixed MSC rating and shows no signs of decline. This means that although there are loads of mackerel being caught, there’s still plenty in the sea. Typically mackerel travel in big shoals of fish. In the summer months, they come to our shores to feed before going to warmer waters to spawn in the winter. It is a popular fish to catch and is also frequently used as bait. Many fisherman can be seen out fishing for hours in the summer time and more often than not, their catch of the day includes mackerel!

Here in Scotland we love this oily fish because it has a range of health benefits along with having a creamy texture and a salty taste.  Health experts recommend eating fish twice a week to maintain a healthy diet.  They also recommend that one of these meals should consist of an oily fish. Mackerel is perfect for this as it is full of Omega 3!

Mackerel is considered a very versatile fish which can be used in various ways to create tasty summer treats. It is most popular from early summer through to autumn time therefore, is a popular choice for the barbeque which even the kids enjoy! It’s a great fish to start their love for seafood due to its high health benefits.

Now, I think we know here at Coast and Glen what we’re having for tea tonight! What about you?